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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you make wrestling boots for any famous wrestlers?

A: Yes, too many to go into and we try to respect everyone's right to privacy (especially HHH, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker; Kane; The Big Show, Billy Gunn, Jeff Jarrett, Cactus Jack, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, Super Nova's; and "The Blak Widow" Amanda Storm plus many many more); so please don't ask us to give you their names.


Q: What is the difference between patent leather and smooth leather?

A: Patent leather has a very shiny almost plastic look to it and needs cleaning regularly; smooth leather has a less shiny finish to it and needs to be polished with a good shoe polish regularly.


Q: Do we really need to send foot tracings?

A: Yes; I perform the bootmaking equivelant of a "Vulcan mind trance"; becoming at one with the customer's foot tracings (so PLEASE be sure your feet are CLEAN when you make the foot tracings). Actually; having the foot tracings allow us to give you a more exacting fit. Many people need a wide or narrow shoe and don't know it; instead they are forced to get a larger or smaller size from other bootmakers.


Q: Should I send foot tracings with every order? Don't you keep them when I order a pair?

A: Yes if you want to be sure your boots will have that near perfect fit each time; then send foot tracings with each order. We keep the foot tracings on hand everytime you order; this allows us to consider not only your current foot tracings and measurements; but also, your prior foot tracings and measurements, as well as feedback from you when we are designing your next pair.


Q: Where do your largest number of new customers come from?

A: It's about 50/50 between those people who have recently seen a pair of our boots; and those who have seen some of our competitions'.


Q: Will the boots fit me if I have a very large or small calf?

A: Definitely! Each pair of our wrestling boots are custom fitted to each customer's own measurements. But remember, we are not your date or your promoter so tell us how large you REALLY are if you want your boots to fit you correctly.


Q: How long will it normally take to make my boots and have them shipped to me?

A: Currently, order processing time is between 6 to 8 weeks for standard styles. Signature Series boots require longer to make and design. We are working real hard to get back to our normal production time, to custom handcraft a pair of boots uniquely for you, of 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of your order and payment.


Q: What if I need my boots next week?

A: Then you need one of our "Rush Service" options when available. (The Rush Service options refer to the time from when we receive your order and payment to the time your boots are ready to be shipped.) We have a Priority Rush for $75 (this is normally three to four weeks); or a High Priority Rush for $100 (this is nromally two to three weeks from the time we receive your order until we are shipping them to you); we also have an Extremely Urgent Rush for $150 (this is when you need them in ten days or less); we can even speed up the delivery time by sending boots second day air or overnighting the boots to you for an additional charge. *call for an estimate on overnight shipping cost


Q: How can I pay?

A: Orders paid with U.S. Postal Money Orders (they only cost 85˘ at any U.S. Post Office); Canadian Postal Money orders or International Money Orders (in U.S. dollars) are considered paid in full at time of receipt of the money order and all the necessary order information (including foot tracings). We now take Visa/Master Card and American Express. Rush orders need to be prepaid before shipment. Other types of U.S. money orders are accepted as payment; but not preferred. The banking system imposes a 10 day hold. If non U.S. bank; the banking system can impose a hold for up to 20 days. These holds will not affect any customers ordering our normal custom service. If you would like to pay some down and some on receipt, add 10% administrative fee and send 80% of the total down with the remaining 20% due prior to shipment or collected at shipment COD with the added UPS COD fee. Personal checks are accepted or refused at our discretion.


Q: What if I'm in Canada?

A: Not a problem for us; if you can stand the cold. Yall must be tough. I know Fed Ex must not like it though; it normally costs around $45.00 for shipping.(and we aren't trying to make money on the shipping) Canadian Postal Money Orders accepted as payment if made out in U.S. Dollars. Shipping time is not increased because of your address; just the cost to get them to bring it there. Taxes; duties; and customs fees handled separately.


Q: What if I'm in a small unknown third world country whose government is unstable?

A: You should probably move; but whether you move or stay, if you can send the money Western Union; in U.S. dollars and Fed Ex. knows how to find you; then I'll be glad to make you some of the best wrestling boots you're ever going to get.


Q: Why do the boots cost so much more than they did twenty years ago?

A: Because all those poor boot makers have starved to death and their children have likely become computer programmers. The few boot makers that are left would like to make a living from it.


Q: Will it cost extra to make my boots shorter than the standard 13" height?

A: No; we will make your boots any height up to 13" for no additional cost to you.


Q: If I suck as a wrestler before I get your boots; will I become a champion when I start wearing them?

A: No you still may suck as a wrestler; but you will LOOK and FEEL like a champion.


Q: What if I want boots that are ? color?

A: We can likely do that; within reason. We have many special order colors in stock and can get more on a limited basis.


Q: Can a patent leather finish be added to my boots after they are made?

A: No; You must choose either a smooth or patent finish when you order.


Q: Have you just started making boots?

A: No; I have been making boots for many, many years. My family has brought the trade with them from Italy four generations ago and has passed it down. Giving me insight into boot making that can not be learned at a trade school.


Q: If I have a Fed Ex. or UPS account can the shipping be billed to it?

A: Yes; Certainly, in fact this eases your international shipping worries.


Q: Can you...?

A: Probably can!


Q: Would you.....?

A: Most definitely!


Q: Why?

A: Why not?



e-mail me if you still have any other questions
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